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10 Activities for All Saints’ Day

Celebrated annually on November 1, there are many activities for All Saints’ Day that honor holy men and women who were canonized by the Church and recognized for living spiritual lives of example.

Designated as a Holy Day of Obligation, Catholics are expected to attend Mass and rest from work and activities that hinder their relationship from God.

According to the USCCB, saints are people in heaven who lived heroically virtuous lives, offered their life for others, or were martyred for their faith. Catholics are encouraged to imitate or use these saints as examples for their own lives.

Read on to find 10 activities for All Saints’ Day that you can do by yourself, with family or friends.

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Attend Mass

As a Holy Day of Obligation, it will be easy for Catholics to find Masses at your local and neighborhood parish. You can choose to go to your home parish or attend a new parish named after a saint. That way, you can learn about a new parish and saint all at the same time!

Pray the Litany of the Saints

Appropriate activities for All Saints’ Day include praying the Litany of the Saints. You can use a version from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops or create one of your own where you add the saints that have the most meaning for you and your family.

Learn About Your Confirmation Saint

If you’ve received the Sacrament of Confirmation, you have a saint name inspired by a holy person to help you along your faith journey. If it’s been a while since you read up on your Confirmation saint, this is a great day to read more about their life, visit a church named after them or visit where they lived.

For future Confirmation candidates, this is a great time to start researching a saint that can inspire you. This Confirmation Prayer Journal is a great way to help you prepare for the sacrament.

Read About the Saint of Your Church

Is your parish named after a saint or was founded by a saint? If so, this is a great day to learn more about them! Reflect on how your parish saint inspires the mission of your church and your Catholic journey.

Watch Videos and Documentaries

Films, shorts and videos about various saints are available. Loyola Press has a list of popular saint movies and documentaries as well as IMDb. Christian Family TV is a YouTube Channel with various saint videos for kids.

Attend a Retreat

Consider joining your parish or retreat center for a day of reflection on All Saints’ Day. These retreats usually included prayer, Bible readings and meditation. Spiritual retreats can help you reset and refocus your mind on God and hear what he is calling you to do.

Pick a Saint of the Year

Has a saint been on your mind recently? All Saints’ Day is a great time to pick a saint of the year to pray to and ask for intentions. You could pick a patron saint of your career field or an area that you need help for in your life. For example, if you struggle with patience, it would be great to pray to St. Monica, the patron saint of patience and perserverance.

Make Golden Halo Donuts

One of the sweetest activities for All Saints’ Day you can enjoy is a golden halo donut. You can make them at home by following a donut recipe and adding gold or yellow sprinkles to the top. You can also pick up your favorite glazed donut and add yellow sprinkles to the top.

Wear Saint Costumes

Even though Halloween has passed, you can still wear your saint costumes on All Saints’ Day! Amazon and Party City have various saint costumes for kids and adults, but you can also create your own saint inspired ensemble. You can also celebrate by having a saint themed party.

Explore Religious Art

Religious art (sacred heart) is a visual representation that helps people worship. All Saints’ Day is a perfect time to explore religious art in your church home or nearby parishes. Visit a museum with a religious art exhibition. If you’re an artist, consider creating your own sacred art for an altar in your home.

Which activity are you considering for All Saints’ Day this year? Share in the comments.

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