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Why Spiritual Retreats are Important


A spiritual retreat is a faith activity that encourages spiritual growth by removing daily distractions for a period of time. Like vacations, they provide new experiences, help you rest and remove daily responsibilities.

A religious practice for centuries, spiritual retreats consist of prayer, reflection and meditation. They include a spiritual leader to support and encourage participants. Retreats can be for one specific gender, ministry or group. They can be for a few hours in the morning, all day or longer. Formats include days of reflection, conferences and weekend events.

I’ve attended many spiritual retreats over the years, and all of them have been beneficial in some way. I’ve seen how they’ve transformed lives and hearts not just in myself, but also others. Here are three reasons why spiritual retreats are essential for your faith.

Answer God’s call

Spiritual retreats help you to discern God’s call for your life. From quiet time to spiritual reflections, retreats help you to listen to your heart and God’s message for you. If you know God’s call for your life, this could be a time to reflect on the next steps or an opportunity to seek more support.

Grow in faith

Retreats are the perfect opportunity to grow in your faith. This is a time when you can ask God the questions in your heart and find answers. You may hear answers from God, the spiritual director of the retreat or other participants. By the end, you can have a better understanding of God, yourself and the world around you.

Disconnect from life’s distractions

Have you ever tried to pray but couldn’t focus because of your phone, neighbors or by accidentally falling asleep? It can be difficult to stay focused on any task when you’re surrounded by distractions. Spiritual retreats are in quiet environments surrounded by nature to help you stay focused on God.

Retreats can be an important part of your spiritual journey. Consider including it as a part of your spiritual life. Check out the resource page for more spiritual information.

For Georgia residents, visit Explore Georgia to find retreat locations. For Catholics in Georgia, please consider a visit to Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center.

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