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3 Sustainable Activities for Earth Day

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In honor of Earth Day each year on April 22, many people and companies take action to give our world a little more love. From sharing sustainable practices to events, Earth Day is focused on taking better care of our planet and its natural resources.

The Catholic Church teaches that caring for the Earth is about caring for God’s creation and preserving it for generations to come. Pope Francis encourages the faithful to take care of our common home in his encyclical, Laudato Si’.

Read on for three ways to celebrate Earth Day and ways you can help take care of the planet on a regular basis.

Volunteer at a local community garden

Community gardens provide more nutritious food options, promote healthier lifestyles and create a more sustainable environment. They help the planet and create safer communities by building relationships between neighbors.

When volunteering at a community garden, be sure to wear closed-toe shoes, comfortable clothing and bug spray. You may do a variety of different jobs, such as raking, planting flowers or pulling weeds. Use this opportunity to network with others and lease your own spot in the garden.

Enjoy the outdoors

Earth Day is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy God’s creation. Take a walk outside, visit a local park or go for a hike. Invite family and friends over for grilled vegetables and sunshine in your backyard. Visit an outdoor park or a museum with an outdoor attraction.


Recycling is a great Earth Day practice that you can do throughout the year. Set up a recycling system for your home. Visit Earth911 to find a recycling center near you and how to recycle various items such as electronics, glass and hazardous materials. Make a plan to visit the listed locations to recycle items.

Earth Day is once a year, but there are things we can do to live more sustainably all year round. By incorporating these steps as well as others, you are doing your part to care for our planet and our “Common Home.”

Share your favorite sustainable Earth Day activities in the comments below.

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