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6 Ways to Renew Your Faith

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Has your spiritual life hit a wall? Maybe it’s time to renew your faith.

Periodically, we hit a roadblock in our spiritual lives. Our prayers become mundane. We need a renewal or something to uplift and engage us spiritually.

This month, I was able to have two new faith experiences that were connected to my job. One involved architecture and for the other, I learned about a diocese that helps people of different faiths become Catholic.

Both of these experiences renewed my faith because they showed me new ways of bringing Christ and goodness to other people and the world.

So if you’re spiritual life is in a slump, here are six ways you can renew your faith.

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Spend time in nature

I always feel closer to God when I am in his playground – a nearby park, hiking trail or on the beach. When I am in nature, time almost feels like it stands still. The hustle of life melts away and I can be fully present in the moment without as many distractions. Whether it’s going for a walk or sitting by a lake, take some time to enjoy being outside. It may be just the renewal you need.

Join a ministry at your church

Meeting new people and having new experiences can restore our faith. A great and easy way to do that would be to join a ministry at your church. You can pick something in your line of work, such as the health ministry if you work in healthcare. Or you can go a completely different route, like joining the choir.

Each ministry can help restore your faith. Consider what areas you may be lacking in and join a ministry that helps to fill that void. For example, if you need to do more service, consider your church chapter of St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Go on a retreat

Just like a vacation, spiritual retreats help you to rest and remove distractions so you focus on your connection with God. Some consider spiritual retreats to be essential for your faith. Sign yourself up for a retreat at your parish or attend one out of town. Retreats can be from half a day to more than a week.

Review your resources

Learning something new about your faith can also renew it. Spend some time with your Bible, either a physical copy or on an app. Pray, reflect and journal your thoughts.

For Catholics, I recommend getting copies of the YouCat (Youth Catechism of the Church), DoCat (social doctrine of the Catholic faith) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Apps are also available, such as Hallow and Daily Prayer App.

Visit with religious

Talk to the pastor, priest, deacon or religious sister in your community. Ask them about their vocation story to learn how they built a strong relationship with God and how it has been maintained over the years. You may find practices and prayers you can add to your life.

If religious men and women are difficult to connect with, consider a religious education teacher, ministry volunteer or choir director. If those options aren’t available, talk to a close family member or friend that is living their faith out loud. How do they stay inspired to live Christ-like each day?

Expand your network

Some churches do not have the finances or people to offer various ministries or groups. Consider starting one for your church. You may be surprised how many will join you. Also, join community groups, like on Meetup, to meet people and build relationships that support your spiritual growth.

How do you renew your faith when you’re in a spiritual slump? Please share in the comments.

1 thought on “6 Ways to Renew Your Faith”

  1. I’ve always found my faith strengthened by spending time in nature. The springtime is the best time for me to do this. There’s the rebirth, and wonder of the world as it awakens from winter’s slumber. It reflects my own faith flourishing after a winter of cocooning in winter misery! Great points. Thank you for sharing!

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