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A Month of Community

My favorite season is summer. While it may be hot, it’s my favorite time to enjoy the outdoors. I love vacations, amusement parks, family barbecues, outdoor festivals and sitting on decks enjoying a warm summer breeze.

This June, I spent time in multiple faith communities. I attended the Catholic Media Conference online, which supports Catholic communicators in the United States and Canada. While I didn’t attend in person as I did last year, I enjoyed learning from fellow Catholic communicators about the importance of sharing the faith and learned some things that can be helpful for the Spirit and Sparkle blog.

I also won an award at the Catholic Media Conference this year for my story, “Catholic-Jewish dialogue group visits Atlanta’s King Center, other civil rights sites,” featured in The Georgia Bulletin. The story won second place for Best Multimedia Package – Social Justice Issues. I look forward to attending the conference next year.

In addition to the conference, I attended delegate meetings for the National Black Catholic Congress, scheduled for July. The Atlanta delegation heard from various Black Catholic leaders on how to address various issues when it comes to being Black and Catholic.

What has stood out to me is the emphasis on church hurt. Unfortunately, this is something I have experienced in various ways and it feels comforting to know the church may be ready to address it. Not just for me, but for everyone who shares similar experiences.

This month reminded me of the importance of community. Spending time with fellow Catholic communicators and Black Catholics was a reminder that faith is not meant to be celebrated alone, but also as a body of Christ.

Spiritual Reflection

  1. How did you find your faith community?
  2. What do you enjoy about your faith community?
  3. How does your faith community deepen your relationship with God?

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