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A Month of Sacraments

May is the last month of religious education classes and when we celebrate multiple sacraments at my parish and the church as a whole.

At the beginning of the month was First Holy Communion. It was a blessing to see the second graders, including a family friend, dressed up in white dresses and suits to receive the sacrament.

I still have memories of my own first communion, such as my white dress and going up to the altar for the first time to receive the body and blood of Christ. It was a special and sweet day that I relive every time I take communion at Mass.

The second sacrament was Confirmation. I taught this year’s Confirmation Class at my parish and presented them to the bishop to receive the sacrament. Yes, my church found a way to bring me back…lol. Teaching Confirmation was just like getting back on a bike – I remembered most of the lessons and the long to-do list for Mass.

Teaching Confirmation classes again inspired me to create a Confirmation Guided Prayer Journal, now available on Amazon. I hope this journal will make it easier for candidates and catechists to learn and share more about the Catholic faith in preparation for the sacrament.

The final sacraments of the month were ordinations of our local transitional deacons and priests. If you have never been to an ordination before, I highly recommend it because it is a unique experience in the Catholic Church. Check out the livestream videos of ordinations from your local diocese or watch the Ordination Masses in the Archdiocese of Atlanta.

Celebrating the sacraments are a great way to kick off every summer season. They bring together family and friends and offer an opportunity to reminisce about the ones you have received. Congratulations to all who have newly received a sacrament this year!

Spiritual Reflection

  1. What do I know about the sacraments?
  2. Which sacraments have I received? Which ones have I not received?
  3. Which sacraments have personally deepened my relationship with God?

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