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Can Catholics Celebrate Halloween?

Fall is a season of colorful leaves, pumpkins, sports and cooler weather. And despite being only a day, October is known for its popular holiday, Halloween.

As the holiday approaches, we are surrounded by costumes, spooky decorations and candy. Stores encourage us to decorate every inch of our homes and to make spooky spirited treats. Ghouls, goblins and ghosts fill the stores and yards of our neighbors.

With all of the festive decorations and activities, you may wonder – can Catholics celebrate Halloween?

Believe it or not, the foundation of Halloween is rooted in Catholic tradition.

Catholic Roots of Halloween

According to the Vatican, Halloween comes from All Hallow’s Eve – the vigil of All Saints’ Day where Catholics celebrate the lives of saints. The following day, November 2, is All Souls Day – where Catholics commemorate all of those who have died and are still in Purgatory.

These three days – Halloween, All Saints’ Day and All Souls Day – remind us of our mortality and death. It’s also a time to reflect on how we want to live our lives.

In a blog post for Word on Fire, Father Steve Grunow explained that it’s time for Catholics to embrace the October holiday. He said, “The origin and traditional customs associated with Halloween require no other explanation than that they are examples of the kinds of festivity that served as a means of celebrating the various holy days of the Catholic Liturgical Year.”

How Catholics Celebrate Halloween

A demonic and evil aspect to Halloween has gained popularity over the years. However, Catholics can still celebrate the holiday in a festive manner that doesn’t include embracing evil. Here are a few ideas of ways Catholics can celebrate Halloween:

  • Wear costumes that represent saints, angels or family friendly characters
  • Watch Halloween movies with additional themes such as family and growth
  • Trick or treat in your neighborhood or volunteer for Halloween activities at your parish
  • Host a Halloween party at your home with family friendly games and activities
  • Give religious candy and treats to trick or treaters
  • Carve pumpkins that represent holy people or symbols
  • Decorate your home with pumpkins and non-demonic/evil characters

Please remember that celebrating Halloween is a choice. If you don’t feel comfortable celebrating it for your family, that is your choice. But know it isn’t against the Catholic faith to celebrate the festive day.

Just like many other festive occasions throughout the year, Halloween is another opportunity to celebrate the blessings God has given us and be examples of his love.

As Father Steve said, “Halloween should not be a day when our churches go dark and Christians retreat into the shadows, but when we fill the darkness with Christ’s light and go out into the culture, inviting everyone to the prepare for the festival of the saints with all the joy we can muster.”

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