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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day Without Mom


While it’s a Sunday of celebration, it can be difficult to celebrate Mother’s Day without your mom, especially the first year.

Grief is a lifelong process that is unique to every individual. We don’t all grieve the same way at the same time. No matter what grief looks like for you, it is important that you have support along the way.

Looking for ways to honor your mother that has passed away? Read on for ten ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day without your mom.

Disclaimer: Because grief looks and feels different for all of us, do not feel obligated to do anything on this list. Celebrating Mother’s Day can be challenging the first few years without your mom. Give yourself grace as you navigate this new chapter of life.

Say a Prayer

In times of grief, prayer can be very helpful. You can pray for your family and talk to God about the grief you’re experiencing this Mother’s Day. Review these Mother’s Day prayers to pray for all the mothers close to your heart.

Do an Activity Your Mother Enjoyed

Whether it was gardening, baking, or painting, it can be comforting to do an activity that your mother enjoyed for Mother’s Day. If your mom loved “The Golden Girls,” you can watch her favorite episodes. If she liked to spend time in nature, visit a nearby park and have lunch if the weather is nice. If your mother was a history buff, visit a nearby museum during Mother’s Day weekend.

Visit Gravesite

Visiting your mother’s gravesite is one of the most popular activities on Mother’s Day. When you visit her in the cemetery, you will find many people bringing flowers and spending time together cherishing their mother’s memory. While this can be very comforting, be prepared for the crowds you may encounter.

Cook Your Mother’s Signature Dish

If your mother passed down her famous recipes, cook her signature dish to enjoy for Mother’s Day. It could be anything from an entire meal or her famous dessert. Invite close family and friends over to share the meal and memories of the mother you loved.

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Siblings

If this is your first Mother’s Day without your mom, consider gathering with your siblings for some time on this special day. You all are sharing this experience together for the first time, and it can be comforting to be together in some capacity. Share a meal together, go to church or just visit with each other.

Wear a Special Item

Wear a clothing item your mother gave you or something from your closet she loved to see you in. You could also wear her favorite color or something that she used to wear that fits you. For example, my grandmother loved scarfs, and I always feel like we are spending time together when I wear one of them.

Keep Your Traditions

Did you have a family tradition for Mother’s Day? If this is your first Mother’s Day without your mom, it may feel too soon to make drastic changes to how you celebrate the day. If you find comfort in traditions, don’t feel like you have to give them up because your mother isn’t present. So keep your favorite Mother’s Day brunch spot or art activity that you do with the family.

Create New Traditions

While your mother isn’t here physically, you are still connected spiritually. Create a new tradition that honors your mother. This can include any of the activities mentioned above or something truly unique to your mother. It could take a few years to find your new tradition, so don’t put pressure on yourself that you have to figure it out this coming Mother’s Day.

Celebrate the Mothers in Your Life

Mother’s Day is a celebration of all mothers. Take some time to celebrate the other mothers in your life, whether they are your friends, siblings or family members. If you’re not up to doing any big celebrations, you can always send them a card or flowers. Call them and talk to them about their day. It can be helpful for you to feel connected to loved ones on Mother’s Day.

Do Nothing

If the options above feel overwhelming, doing nothing is also an okay option. For your first Mother’s Day without mom, it can feel to heavy to celebrate. Take some time to do some self-care that Sunday. Stay in, order takeout from your favorite restaurant and relax at home. It may take some time before you’re prepared to celebrate Mother’s Day in any capacity.

Mother’s Day without your mom can be sad and overwhelming. Whether you decide to do it big, keep it small or do nothing at all, be sure to give yourself grace leading up to and during Mother’s Day.

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