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How to Choose Your Confirmation Saint

Choosing a Confirmation saint is a personal and meaningful decision for candidates preparing for the sacrament.

In the Catholic Church, Confirmation is one of the sacraments of initiation where a person confirms their faith and receives the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Traditionally, people choose a saint’s name as part of this sacrament, symbolizing their desire to emulate the characteristics of that saint.

The Catholic Church recognizes more than 10,000 saints, making it difficult for candidates to narrow down their choices. If you need help choosing a confirmation saint, read on for tips to help you find the perfect saint for your sacramental journey.

Personal Connection

Reflect on your life and faith journey. Consider saints and martyrs whose lives and/or teachings resonate with your own beliefs, experiences, or interests. Some immediate things to consider are:

  • A saint feast day of your favorite holiday (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.)
  • Patron saint of your job or potential career (healthcare, teacher, etc.)
  • A saint with a feast day on the same day as your birthday
  • Patron saint of your favorite interests (sports, music, art, etc.)
  • Saint your church is named after
  • Review the Vatican’s Saint of the Day
  • Consider saints from your same culture and heritage

This process will introduce you to some new saints and reintroduce you to saints you know. By starting with a few items that give you a personal connection to a saint, you have a smaller group of saints to choose from instead of being overwhelmed by thousands of options.


Now that you have a smaller list of saint options, do further research on each saint. Learn how they lived their lives and see if there is a story that personally resonates with you. Consider these questions as you research each saint:

  • What do I admire about this saint?
  • What about this saint’s story resonates with me the most?
  • How does this saint’s story inspire my spiritual life?

Prayer and Meditation

Once you have your list narrowed down to one or a few options, it’s time to build a relationship with the final saints in the running.

Pray the prayers of your saint and pray to them. You can do this each day, during Mass or in Eucharistic Adoration. Build a relationship with your saint so you can better feel their presence and impact in your life. If you are having trouble selecting a saint, ask God to give you guidance.

Visit Saint’s Shrine or Church

If possible, visit a Catholic church or shrine of your saint’s name. These parishes have more information on the saints you’re considering and can provide additional information you may have missed in your research.

The experience may give you a more personal connection to a saint and help you to choose one over any others you may be considering.

To find a nearby parish or shrine, visit your local diocesan website. If you have time and the means to travel, you can look at dioceses in neighboring states or take a trip to where your saint lived and visit their holy places and parishes.

Share Your Confirmation Saint Name

Congratulations on selecting a saint! Now you can share it with your family, inform your catechist(s), and write it down in your guided Confirmation Prayer Journal. Be able to share why you chose the saint for your Confirmation and what about their life inspired you the most. This saint’s name will be included in your Confirmation Mass when you receive your sacrament.

Choosing a confirmation saint name is a personal journey that brings you closer to God and your faith. May your saint continue to inspire you and your faith throughout life.

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