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How to Find Time to Pray


Prayer is an ongoing way to build and sustain a relationship with God. But when life gets busy, it can be difficult to find time to pray.

If you believe or practice any religion, you know the power of prayer. And in these last few years with the pandemic, you may have prayed more than ever before.

I believe in the power of prayer. Whether it’s my own or someone praying on my behalf, it always gives me hope. I love to pray in the morning before I get my day started and throughout the day when needed. But when life gets busy or I’m surrounded by too many distractions, it can be easy to forget to pray.

Whether your schedule has changed or life has been busy recently, falling out of your prayer routine happens to all of us. Here are some tips to help you find time to pray.

Schedule prayer time

We put special events, meetings and outings with friends on our calendars. Why not add prayer to the list? Schedule prayer time on your phone each day or set a reminder. If it helps, set multiple reminders so that if you miss one, you have another opportunity for prayer during the day. If you use an app, set up your notifications so you can receive reminders.

Create a prayer practice

Think of your prayer practice as a check-in point throughout the day to ensure you are praying. For example, I made a prayer practice that I couldn’t check my phone until after my morning prayers. This helped me to prioritize my prayers and be more mindful of God throughout the day.

Find a personal prayer practice that works for you. It could be saying a prayer before you get out of the car for work, praying before each meal or doing prayer and meditation in the evening.

Make a home altar

Sometimes, we need to bring the church closer to home so we can feel connected to Christ. A home altar represents a tangible space for you to exercise your faith at home with your family.

To create a home altar, start with a surface such as a desk or an end table. Add a linen cloth, candle, cross and other holy items. Pray at your home altar by yourself, with family and with friends. Recite your own prayers or those from our website.

Spend time in nature

If you’re like me, you feel closer to God when you spend time in nature. This could be at a beach, on a hiking trail or walking in the park. When the weather is nice, spend time outside praying or meditating. Spend time in your garden planting flowers or volunteer in a community garden in your neighborhood.

Try something new

Maybe it’s hard to pray because your prayer life needs a refresh or you need a new practice.

Attend a spiritual retreat to bring new life into your prayers. Consider singing a hymn or reading a Bible verse to help inspires your prayers. Visit our resource page for more information on prayers and new ones to incorporate into your daily life.

Praying is a vital part of our spiritual life, but it can be difficult to maintain as we experience change and the busyness of life. Remember that you will fall out of your prayer routine on some days, but it is important to keep going and get back on track.

What are some prayer practices that are helpful for you? Please share in the comments.

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