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Meet Samantha

Hello and welcome to Spirit and Sparkle!

My name is Samantha Smith, and I am an Atlanta native, cradle Catholic, writer, PCOS warrior and Disney lover. I am also the creator of the Spirit and Sparkle blog.

I started this blog in 2021, with the goal to inspire people to build a stronger relationship with God, motivate others to change their lives and celebrate all the special things about life.

This blog was well on its way! I’ve had a few blogs in my lifetime, and this was by far the most successful.

But at the start of 2023, I knew some things about this blog had to change.

The second half of 2022 was a rollercoaster ride I didn’t anticipate. I began to see that I wasn’t living the life I wanted and needed to make drastic changes. Being at this part of my journey led me to reevaluate a lot of things, including the purpose of Spirit and Sparkle.

I have been Catholic since I was three months old. And growing up in church, you are basically given a blueprint of how you are to live your life. And if you live it according to the church, you are told you will receive rewards in Heaven and on Earth.

I followed this blueprint my entire life, until the Catholic Church broke my heart with the news of clergy sex abuse from bishops.

When the Boston Globe reported on the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal in 2002, I was too young and too immersed in my faith to really know or understand what happened. But when the news of Theodore McCarrick hit in 2018, my heart was crushed.

As I continued to read the news, it became obvious to me that the church chose to protect a bishop more than those most vulnerable in our society. And as I watched USCCB assembly meetings over the last few years, it became clear to me that many of the bishops still didn’t understand the mistakes and sins the church leadership had made for decades.

Despite my heartbreak, I continued to work for the church. But after some time, I knew I would need to make a change. Not because I didn’t love my faith or the people that I worked with, but because I needed to live it in a different way.

I officially left working for the church in 2022 to pursue a career in copywriting. And while I’m happy in my new job, there is a part of me that feels like my faith and church life hang in limbo.

This blog is about my journey of figuring out my faith after heartbreak. The reason I kept the name “Spirit and Sparkle” is because I do believe that I will find a way to happily live my faith, even if I don’t fully know what that looks like yet.

I’m not a nun or a theologian. I am a cradle Catholic on a journey of spiritual discovery. The purpose of this blog is not to turn anyone closer to or away from the Catholic Church or any other religion. The goal of this blog is to explore my spiritual journey and share Catholic resources and support that have/are helping me along the way.

My hope is that this blog will bring together a community of people in this same “faith limbo” so we can support one another along our journey. I am hopeful this blog will lead to rediscovering a joy that only God can provide.

Thank you for joining me for this adventure,


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