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Review of ‘Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story’

On November 17, Prime Video released “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story.”

The film takes you into the life of Tyler Perry, a well-known producer, actor, director, screenwriter, playwright, and entrepreneur.

Beyond enjoying his films, his faith and philanthropy have always inspired me. Whether it’s an older woman being forced out of her home or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fleeing to the States, how he opens his heart and helps others is an inspiration for all of us.

In this documentary, we are given a new look into the life of Perry. From a difficult childhood and relationship with his father to the media mogul he is today. His life story is about faith, perseverance, and staying true to yourself.

Read on for how these themes shape the documentary film, “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story.”

Faith Gives You Strength

In the documentary, Perry talks about how faith carried him in some of the darkest times of his life. On his mother’s side of the family, Perry comes from a long line of ministers and believes that God and faith are “in his blood.” He was in the choir of his childhood church and studied to be a preacher as a teenager.

Faith is a gift. No matter what you practice, faith gives us hope beyond what we can see in front of us. It reminds us that there is something better on the horizon, even when you don’t know how to get there. In this documentary, we see how Perry moved from where his life was to the one he has today. And it is an example of how having faith in God and your dreams can propel you forward.

Stay True to Yourself and Your Vision

This documentary takes on the many criticisms Perry faced throughout his career. From stereotypical Black characters in his movies and TV shows to being the only writer in his writer’s room for many years. Perry’s response to his criticism is that he is giving his audience what they want to see and will support and that he’s following his vision and dreams.

God gives all of our lives purpose. And sometimes, the purpose he gives to you is not something other people can easily see or understand. Sometimes, we don’t even see it for ourselves. Perry’s work shows it is important to live out the purpose that God gives you regardless of how others see things.

Perry also reminds us that we cannot please everyone. We’re not here to reach every person – just the ones God wants us to touch. His messages of hope, faith, and overcoming pain resonate with so many, even if it’s not for everyone. Perry shows us that there is more than one way to tell stories and be successful.

Power of Perseverance

When you come from a poor family and neighborhood, you are faced with many challenges that prevent you from overcoming your circumstances. Add violence and abuse to that equation and the odds of having a better life are even slimmer.

In the documentary, we see how Perry overcame poverty, abuse, and trauma to be who he is today. His work ethic has pushed him into his purpose and a new life. Despite the setbacks he has faced throughout his life, he found ways to move forward and work towards his dreams.

We all have different crosses we carry in life. And with hard work and determination, we can persevere through them and break patterns of pain in our lives. But we also have to remember that it isn’t always easy and we need grace and support along the way.

As Christians, there is so much we can learn from Tyler Perry’s life. He is an example to us of what we can overcome and achieve in life and how we can help others around us along the way.

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