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Whoopi Goldberg Meets Pope Francis

Whoopi Goldberg meets Pope Francis at the Vatican and shares her experience in the States. The actress waited over a decade to meet the Holy Father in person. The long-awaited meeting finally happened on October 12.

Watch this clip from “The View” where Goldberg shares her experience meeting Pope Francis.

Goldberg described the pope as “quite amazing.”

“He is exactly what I hoped he would be which is a pope for all people regardless of religion, which I appreciated,” she said.

The EGOT actress expressed her gratitude to Pope Francis for encouraging LGBTQIA+ and divorced people to come back to the church. She also brought him some requested gifts from the Sister Act movie franchise. Despite not having an official release date, it was announced that Sister Act 3 will premiere on Disney+ soon.

Pope Francis also shared with Goldberg that her gifts of bringing joy and laughter to the world were very important.

Goldberg said that she felt better after the meeting with the Holy Father. “It was an extraordinary experience,” she said.

Oftentimes in church, we are told to not be “of the world” and to separate ourselves from the secular world. But in doing so, we miss opportunities for evangelization.

When a star like Whoopi Goldberg meets Pope Francis and shares her story, that experience travels far and allows those who have heard of the Catholic faith to have a better understanding of who we are and what we believe. It is also a moment for us to be proud Catholics as the leader of our church is a living example of the faith.

As we encounter people throughout our lives, may we not be afraid to express our faith and be living examples of Catholics and God’s love.

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